Primary 4K Antics!

Rosie the Polar Bear

In P4K we have an adopted polar bear from the Svalbard Archipelago.  We will be finding out lots more about how our adoption helps and what kind of research will be happening. We enjoyed our Non-Fiction reading task because we learnt lots of new information.

R.M.E- Hinduism & Christianity

Primary 4 enjoyed learning about these religions side by side.  We looked at Creation Stories and made mini-books and e-books to show our learning.  We certainly mastered using the Book Creator app.  We looked at Rangoli patterns, and Mendhi art in Hinduism.  We also enjoyed comparing weddings using Venn diagrams!

Our Democratic World

At the moment we are learning about democracy in the U.K. and, we are using this information to create an Island that is fair, democratic and for all!  To start, we voted for our new island name using a ballot box and official voting sheets.  The winner was… DESTINY ISLAND!

We have since learned about: government spending, manifestos, rights & laws, and how the Government is run.

In groups we have taken an area of society and come up with a plan on how to organise it. We will be presenting our information to the rest of the class and participating in a democratic vote.

We are very much looking forward World of Work Week and meeting all our visitors!