Texthelp Superheroes!

Since coming back from the school holidays, classes from primary 4 to 7 have been getting to grips with some of the latest technology. The classes have attended workshops on how to use Google Classroom and a special software called Texthelp.

Texthelp is a fantastic literacy toolbar that aims to help everyone read, write and communicate with clarity. Throughout the workshop, pupils completed superhero related tasks using some of the tools on the toolbar. Some of these tools include reading texts aloud, spell checking, predictive typing, a dictionary and an audio maker. These tools can be used on the computer for any subject.

The children really enjoyed participating in this taster session and I am proud to say they completed their superhero mission with flying colours! I am sure that after continued practice, they will be using this independently to provide meaningful learning experiences using the ever evolving technologies.

Miss Winchester 🙂