P6R – World of Work Week

P6R have had a wonderful World of Work Week and have been lucky enough to have so many interesting visitors in to speak to us. 

On Monday, we welcomed Julia Black – a Marine Scientist. We learnt that in order to test if seals are responsible for eating all the salmon in the sea, she tests their poo – we were most amused by this! The children had a go at using some of Julia’s sampling equipment.

On Tuesday, we were amazed at what David Brown (an Immigration Officer) told us about passports. Who knew passports had so many hidden features that made them so unique?

On Wednesday, we learnt about pipelines from Pipeline Engineer, Howard Panza. We now know that metals are heated and melted together in a process called welding. 

On Thursday, we were spoilt with two visitors. The first was Kirsteen Leitch (a Physiotherapist) who brought a human skeleton with her! Kirsteen told us the names of different bones within the body and showed us a copy of Andy Murray’s recent hip scan! Then, she shared exercises with us which aid recovery.

Our second visitor on Thursday was Esther Combe, a Forensic Scientist. Esther’s presentation was like a real life episode of CSI! Esther shared information with us about DNA and examples of how criminals can be caught using forensic science.

Last but not least, today we had the pleasure of hearing from Scott Leitch, a Town Planner. Scott shared information with us on recent developments and we were amazed to learn that the idea for the AWPR was first drawn out 60 years ago!

Miss Ross and P6R extend our thanks to all our inspiring visitors who shared their valuable knowledge and experience with us this week – we have loved having you in our classroom!

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