P3D – As busy as bees!

We have been working very hard in P3D and can’t quite believe that we are already halfway through term 3!

In maths, we have moved on to developing our knowledge of shape and tessellation.  We have enjoyed learning about the names and properties of different shapes, as well as learning about how shapes are evident all around us in nature, design and art.

Following on from this, we began to look at tessellation.  We used our knowledge of shapes to help us complete patterns where shapes fit together perfectly.  Miss Donald set us some tessellation challenges which were challenging but also lots of fun.

In our cross-curricular work, we have been learning all about democracy and rights.  We began by looking at the root of this word in Ancient Greek society.  We then moved on to considering the importance of democracy in our school, before looking at democracy in the wider sense in the UK.

In class, we then worked in our table groups to democratically decide on a topic area of interest.  Having done this, each table had to present a persuasive argument as to why their topic was best.  A secret ballot then took place and it was democratically decided that ‘Myths and Legends’ was the chosen topic.  We spent the next week focusing on the winning topic during our cross-curricular sessions.

As part of our literacy sessions, we have been looking at similes. It was fun learning about how to compare two different things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’.  We then used what we learned to create different poems about ourselves, love and most recently…dragons!

The theme of dragons is central at the moment in P3, as our Springtime show, ‘Dragon Days’, is coming soon.  We can’t wait to share it with you!