Term 3- P7R

This term has been full of exciting visitors, both from our Democracy topic and World of Work Week! The class have loved hearing from all our guests about the skills they have within their jobs and some linked very closely to the jobs the children aspire to do in the future. Firstly, we heard from a Solicitor and the children asked plenty of road safety questions! (I mean a lot of questions!) We were also fortunate to hear from a Police Officer, Bank Manager, Paramedics, MSP’s and a Marine Scientist. As well as having lots of inspiring guests, P7R also went on two trips! Seeing inside the townhouse was a fantastic way to experience our Democracy topic in real-life. Our second trip was an Inter-generational Daycare Centre visit. It was heartwarming how much the residents enjoyed having the children there and the class enjoyed hearing about a range of different jobs and what it was like to work with no technology!



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