P.M. Nursery Post Office and visit to the Woodies.

As part of World of Work Week Zara’s mum came in to Nursery to tell the children about her work in the Post Office. She even brought in a real post box for us to post a letter in !! She showed us  the really big sacks for collecting the letters and parcels and we could even fit in the sack. The children were really interested in the stampers and the stamps. So we made our own Post Office in the Nursery. We posted a letter to our own address to invite our parents to our Fairtrade Cafe. I

On Wednesday we all went over to the Woodies and enjoyed collecting things to make our own Nature Pictures. We made Stickman and found a Family Tree for him. We liked having a picnic snack and looking to see if Rapunzal was in the high tower. But we couldnt find her no matter how many times we asked  her to let her hair down!!!! We finished by having a swing in the ground sheet. What fun.