P6R – Term 3

This term we have enjoyed reading snippets of our Scots text, “Geordie’s Mingin Medicine”. Using watercolour, we created our own medicine shelf which consists of everything from “a jar o auld mouldy tae nails” to “a tin o metallic pent”. Grannie’s beware!

At the beginning of Fairtrade Fortnight, P6R were visited by Neil from our local Co-op. Neil shared information about which products are Fairtrade. Using this knowledge, we created colourful and vibrant Fairtrade produce Pop Art. In addition, we have written poetry based on chocolate and the work of Fairtrade farmers. We were working on using rhyming couplets, alliteration, onomatopoeia and repetition – a tricky task! Miss Taggart who has joined P6R for 5 weeks has also taught us about the process of bean to bar.

In maths, the Circles have been learning about the different properties of circles. This week, we explored the relationship between the diameter and the circumference. We used string to measure the circumference and discovered that the circumference is equal to three times the diameter (approximately). The Rectangles have recently learnt how to draw line graphs as well as how to write probabilities as fractions, using the probability scale.