Well March is almost over and where does the time go? Time does fly when you are busy  and having fun!

We finished our Democracy topic and moved on to our next focus, that of our Physical World. Many of the science outcomes we have been working on have been with our science specialist, Miss Rae from Hazlehead Academy. We have been looking at filtration, chromatography and  properties of materials. Also chemical changes and the water cycle….. all in preparation for next year at secondary. In class we have been working on chemical reactions looking at the process of dissolving and effervescence. We have been linking our Science to our artwork looking at oil and water molecules and emulsification.We have learned about solutes and solvents and the different chemical formulas for particular reactions. We have been learning how to ascertain the variable within our experiments and the different factors which must be taken into account  to ensure a fair test. We have been using these experiments to inform our extended writing, producing scientific reports to explain our reactions.

Alongside this curricular area  on World Book Day we also enjoyed sharing our favourite books with our class and this helped us get lots of new potential reading matter to choose from in the future.

In class we have also been trying to build on our resilience in preparation for our transition to secondary and have been taking part in various Growth Mindset activities which will hopefully help us keep positive and not be afraid to give things a go. We are all hopefully now more aware that making mistakes is not a bad thing but just an opportunity to learn.

The class have also been working on our Greenpower Car, both constructing the car itself and designing it’s potential bodywork, keeping in mind it’s Greenpower credentials. Our Engineers are currently looking at the designs and will choose our two successful blueprints.

As we near the end of our third term preparations are afoot for the P7 Dalguise residential trip and we look forward to next term’s busy schedule.