Fairtrade Cafe and Egg Hunting at the Woodies

Fairtrade Cafe.
The children helped to bake cakes and biscuits using Fairtrade ingredients as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. They invited their parents and family to come to their Cafe. They acted as the Waiter/waitress taking their order and serving them the tasty treats. Everyone said that the service was really great and they had a good time.
Well Done Everyone!

Woodies Wednesday.

The children enjoyed hunting for Easter Eggs at the Woodies. When they had found them they pretended to be the Easter Bunny and hid them again. Some children found lots of leaves and twigs to make a nest for the little fluffy chicks. There were some Spring flowers growing and some budding artists tried to draw a picture of them. It was a really lovely day for a picnic snack too.
Have a Happy Easter!