P.M. Nursery Fairtrade Café and Looking for Eggs at the Woodies.

Fairtrade Cafe.

The nursery children enjoyed baking some banana loaf and chocolate crispies, using Fairtrade ingredients. They then invited their parents to come to our Fairtrade Café. The children were then the waiters and served their parents and family the drink and tasty treat that they chose. All the feedback that the waiters received was 10 out of 10. Well Done Everyone!

Woodies Wednesday.

The children had a super time at the Woodies they hunted for eggs and collected them in the baskets. Some children wanted to hide them again so that others could find them. Making a nest for the baby chicks to sleep in was also another popular activity. Some of the chicks even found themselves hatching in an egg again. The pots and pans were used to make “chocolate cakes and soup” and some children looked at the Easter stories in the big tent.

Happy Easter Everyone!