P4K- Nu Art Galore!

Primary 4 have very much enjoying our NuArt Topic.  We have been learning about: the elements of art (shape, line, form and colour), what media to use, responding to art work, and comparing art.

We have also been learning about and exploring two NuArt Artists: Phlegm and The Globel Brothers.  For Phlegm, we looked at using charcoal and pen to create shadow and a 3D effect.  We also did some imaginative writing inspired by the characters and setting in Phlegm’s work.  For The Globel Brothers we have looked at sign painting and typography.  We have been very fortunate to have two visitors (Mrs Rae and Mr McNair) to teach some skills on writing in 3D and making shapes 3D.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed these sessions!

We also have to mention another excellent input we received from Jane Jenson who came in to teach us about drawing wildlife with only a Biro! Amazing!

Finally, we went on a tour in the city centre to experience some of the NuArt for ourselves! It was a fantastic trip and the children and Miss Kay learnt a lot!



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