Term 4 in P5B

Where have the weeks gone?

P5B have been enjoying the great outdoors with a trip to Slopefield and a tour of Aberdeen’s Nuart festival. Lots of walking but lots of sunshine to go with it.

At Slopefield, we looked at oats, wheat and barley production. Terry did some planting with us while the others had a quiz about cereals. Quite the competitive class!

Our Nuart tour was wonderful in that we experienced some of the pictures we’d been researching up close. Our tour guide Autumn was engaging and filled us with anecdotes to make it more inspiring. Back in class, we have been working on still life drawing, perspective pieces and an introduction to Charles Rennie Macintosh. Our class walls will soon be filled with colour! We aim to finish the project with a recreation of some of the Nuart pieces.