This week has been our 2019 Eco Week. Pupils continue to engage with the Eco Topics of Litter, Global Sustainability and Saving Water and Energy. This is the second year of investigating these topics and pupils have been using their knowledge of these three topics to write letters and ask local and Global companies how they engage with the three topics. They have written letters to ask about how companies save energy and water, have produced energy and water saving tips for these companies and Primary 1 have also been producing litter posters to encourage our community to stop littering.

During the week we have been enhancing our own school grounds by holding lots of litter picks. We are linking with the ACC initiative ‘Glitter Pick’ next month too. This forms part of our ‘Clean Up Aberdeen Campaign’ pledge – Pick it Up!

Pupils have been working with the very knowledgeable ‘Council Gardener’ Daniel Shand this week. They were asked which features they wanted to add to our school garden and with the help of some vouchers we won from various eco competitions we were able to install some of these features. Look out for our new ladybird garden, bird houses and feeders, school badge flowerbed, lots of strawberries, new recycled planters and a sensory garden clock. We have also planted two apple trees, one planted by Airyhall Pupils and one planted by pupils from Countesswells School. Pupils from Countesswells School also planted some lovely plants, donated by Daniel Shand in the courtyard area of the school.

Look out for the Eco Group’s nasturtium volcano and sweet pea climbing wall. The nasturtiums were grown from last year’s nasturtium flowers and the sweet peas were donated by one of our families.

Pupils from Primary 7 have been creating posters to encourage employees from Expro to recycle food waste and are also producing a PowerPoint presentation to encourage them to save more energy and water. This will be shown at one of their health, safety and environmental meetings. We would like to thank Expro for their continued support and for the donations for the garden area.

Pupils in Primary 1 have been planting various vegetables in the poly-tunnel and will look after these in the coming weeks.

Primaries 1, 2 and 3 have been working on some art installations to add to the garden. We are looking forward to seeing what they produce.

Thank you for all your support and we hope that pupils have been speaking about all the activities they have been doing this week.

On Friday we will hold our Eco Assembly, lead by the Eco Group. the focus will be litter. We will be sharing our Litter poem and also singing our litter song which is to the tune of ‘Baby Shark’.

Remember to ‘Pick it Up!’

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