As part of the school’s ongoing art project this term pupils have been learning about the NUART Festival 2019. The festival is a celebration of international street art which has been placed around the city. The Project is a great project for tourism and has certainly inspired pupils to engage with the art work and with their city.

The project is connected to Aberdeen Inspired and we were very fortunate and grateful to link with NUART and Aberdeen Inspired to experience some NUART tours. Pupils from Primaries 3,4,5 and 6 all walked their way around around the city, spotting pieces of art from 2019 and previous years.  Our guides from NUART 2019, Autumn and Tracy were fantastic and were very knowledgeable about the city, artwork and artists.

From work completed in the classroom Pupils had a lot of knowledge of the different artwork and artists and surprised our lovely tour guides by asking lots of questions and sharing lots of facts. We now have a selection of pieces created by pupils which have been inspired by the artwork they saw first hand. Watch out for a wee exhibition coming soon.

Pupils also spotted the Robert the Bruce Sculpture on Broad Street created by Alan Herriot who visited the school to share his work.

We also spotted some painted doors which have inspired our Primary 1 pupils to create their own Painted Doors Exhibition. Watch this space.

Scroll down to see some of the pupils’ art work and see the following post for photos from the NUART tours.


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