New Year 2020

2020 our last year at Airyhall, primary school will soon be behind us and the excitement and challenge of secondary school lies ahead.

On our return from Christmas we started the term with a very interesting and useful trip to Absafe where we had an intensive day of safety scenarios from kitchen safety, to internet safety and transport safety. As the P7s become increasingly independent this event allowed  them to learn some very important and relevant life skills for the future. Linked to this we also welcomed the Red Cross who led a first aid session including skills to use if we were first on the scene of an incident.

We were very lucky to have Miss Laing back for 3 week at the beginning of term and she helped us learn about the life and works of Robert Burns. This part of our topic culminated in a joint Burns Supper with the nursery where we enjoyed good food, ( Haggis, neeps and tatties followed with our own home made shortbread!) music, ( provided by our expert pipers!) poetry and dance. As a class we evaluated the event and decided we had used many of our skills for life, learning and work in the planning and execution of the event.

One of the highlights of the term was our Scottish Opera performance of “The Warriors”. The music, costumes and characterisation of the event was fantastic and everyone played their individual part to produce a breathtaking show. Thank you once again to Scottish Opera for their professionalism, skills and enthusiasm.

On 7th February we again welcomed family to our Open Afternoon where the children showcased their work and shared some of that tasty shortbread. Thank you all for coming.

The week beginning 10th February was Internet Safety Week where the children used our wonderful new Chromebooks to take part in a variety of digital technology related activities to consolidate the importance of safe internet usage in our ever increasingly digital world.

We also were pleased to welcome Rev Blackwood who worked with the children on Bible stories and their relevance to our values and beliefs.

During Fairtrade Fortnight we have been looking at the importance of Fairtrade, specifically focusing on women Fairtrade cocoa farmers. We have been using many of their products in our Fairtrade baking session, together with sampling them from our Fairtrade Trolley!

We have also been working hard on our Greenpower car, constructing the chassis, working on the steering and brakes.

As the month draws to an end we look forward to a hardworking rest of the term focusing on transition, being responsible citizens, confident individuals, effective contributors and successful learners.

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